When it comes to properly insulating your crawl space, there are a few types of insulation that you should use in a crawl space and a few you should not. One of the kinds you should not is polyurethane closed/open cell spray chatt girl foam insulation. The spray foam guys will tell you different and they will tell you their foam will seal all air penetrations in the foundation and sill plate. Take a look at this link, it discusses spray foam vs. rigid from a walking freezer point of view- http://www.squidoo.com/cooler-insulation

What the spray guys won’t tell you is:

Crawl Space Insulation

(Photo courtesy of Justin Nickelsen from Nickelsen Home Inspections LLC)

  • Carpenter ants are known to nest in it
  • it makes it impossible to inspect for damage caused by insects and/or water
  • has had mold growth issues
  • it is the most expensive of all the options
  • its messy and hard to control
  • because of its make up, it will absorb moisture causing a drop in R-value performance within the first year
  • it looses 75% of its R-value in 5 years.

The fact is, there is a better and more cost effective option in rigid polystyrene foam insulation (pink/blue). The pink or blue rigid foam board offers:

  • lower installation costs
  • a DIY project
  • treated with a fire retardant – Flame Spread = 25 / Smoke Development =<450 (which will be important in the cold floor solution as you will learn later)
  • looses only 25% of its R-value in 5 year
  • Does not absorb moisture

Installing rigid insulation on the crawl space foundation wall is both cost effective and the most energy efficient, when installed correctly.

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